Engaging learners with the Smart Board

conecta 4The Smart Board is student-centrered tool that engages learners. Games are where the Smart Board shines. Students love working as teams, moving the elements,  and getting instant feedback from the Java-scripted interactive pages.

The spirit of interactivity is what differentiates Notebook 11 from PowerPoint.  Therefore, if your goal is to simply show slides, it’s probably easier to stick to Powerpoint instead of learning to use Notebook 11.

I would be happy to create Smart Board lessons for your class, teach you how to use the Notebook 11 ith the Smart Board, or a combination of the two.

Here are some things to think about :

1. Use the smartboard to review, not to teach new concepts. Moving slowly through slides wanes interest.

2. If you have a large class play team games for short periods so participants don’t get bored waiting for their turn.

2. Have students  contribute game questions.

3. Many games can be played in teams of 4.

4. Teach students how to use Notebook 11.

5. Share your games with colleagues so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.

I would be happy to show you  / your class how to use the Smart Board. Here is a suggested timeline.

1. Schedule a collaboration time in the library, in your classroom, or via email regarding the topic you would like to review.

2. If you provide me with copies of the materials you would like to review, I can make a sample game for your class.

3. Book your class into the library to play the Smart Board game.  If there is interest, we can schedule review sessions at regular intervals , your students can supply questions, or I can teach you / your class how to use Notebook 11.

4. Once you feel confident, feel free to book a time in the library to use the Smart Board independently- I can always be there to help !