Reading and the athlete’s mindset

I was recently on the blog written by my coach, Don McGrath, and find that his post on mental attitude resonates with our context here of developing our skills are learners, and in particular, as readers.  As in sport, our mental attitude greatly affects our performance as readers.

As proven by a number of research studies, reading is a gateway to academic and personal success. In other words, when you invest time to read, you are investing in your future. However, our mindset as we read determines how much reward we gain from it, in the same way that a productive mindset makes the difference whether or not we succeed in sport.

We can cultivate a positive attitude towards reading in many ways and I believe you can find avenues for improvement by  cultivating some aspects of the athlete’s mindset:

  1. Remain open. Expand your awareness about what reading can do for you in terms of helping you achieve your goals.
  2. Remain curious. Books allow us to encounter creative solutions to problems. Reading brings us close to others by uncovering our common humanity.
  3. Remain real. While it is hard to eliminate all negative attitudes overnight, keep training your mind just like you would train your body. Resolve to monitor your negative mental habits like giving up too soon on a book or jumping to conclusions, like that you are bored. As Don says, “notice your successes” instead of your failures.
becca caldwell

Becca Caldwell takes a break on El Capitan

Efforts to engage in reading can nourish us and make us better off today and tomorrow. If you love sports as much as I do, you know that your mental game is as important as your physical training. Keep fit and read, my friends !