PQT Protocol : Checking In

rainbowChecking In is done at the beginning of sessions.  Checking In is a respectful protocol that recognizes that participants have things going on in life besides your session / lesson.  It will be hard for people to be “present” to your session if they’ve had a stressfull morning, a personal issue, or are just feeling tired.  Letting people verbalize where they are in their head clears space for them to do the work they need to do. Strategy for Checking In:

Color Check-In.  What colour represents how you are feeling now ?  What colour would you like to be at the end of the session ?


BCTF Program for Quality Teaching

Being part of  the Program for Quality Teaching has introduced me to  Inquiry  as a methodology for expanding my teaching practice.  The BCTF  PQT supports teachers in developing their own knowledge by asking personally meaningful questions about teaching and learning. This teacher-driven experience is transforming traditional conceptions of professional learning since expertise is given to the teachers and the members of the Inquiry group. As a facilitator, my job has been to support teachers with ideas and protocols for developing an Inquiry question, uncovering their passion, (ie: an indiviual child, social justice , or the curriculum), problematizing issues in education,  and encouraging teamwork and critical thinking. The Inquiry  is finished when participants share their Inquiry results with their colleagues, the community, or the world. For more information about the BCTF PQT visit bctf.ca