Print Books vs. Ebooks

Did you know that NWSS Library has a collection of ebooks as well as print books ?

Consider the differences between ebooks and print books and decide which format is best for you.

For instructions, click: How to access the e books

Gale Science in Context ebook Titles

World History in Context ebook Titles

Print Book


Can take it anywhere and read it anytime. Requires periodic access to a power source.  Needs an internet connection to download or read a book.
Require huge amounts of paper and take up truckloads of room. Do not waste paper. Can store hundreds of books in one device.
Highlighting of library books is not allowed. Can save highlights and bookmarks forever.
Vast collections of print books are available for purchase or loan. Not all books are available as ebooks. More books are published as print books than ebooks.
Can borrow from libraries free of charge. However, some reference books are not available for loan. Ebooks can be viewed or downloaded from some libraries. Many ebooks are available for viewing or download for free.