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Theory Of Knowledge:

Download and complete the Theory of Knowledge Presentation Planning Document Here.





Social Studies 11:

Canada and the Developing World : Factsheet


A factsheet is a one page summary of statistics and their meaning. Geographers often create factsheets to provide students and citizens with information about a specific topic or theme.

For this project, you will create a factsheet that shows the environmental, human rights or development conditions in a developing country.  You will collect relevant statistics about one theme in the country you have selected.  Then you will compare that country’s environmental, human rights or development statistics with Canada’s and present your findings on a factsheet.

Recommended Research Tools

Environmental Theme: UN Statistics Division

Human Rights:

UN Human Rights Fact Sheets

UN List of Human Rights Issues


UN Human Development Indices and Data

UN Country Profiles and HDI

All Themes:  CIA World Factbook

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