Internet Lab Bookings

Internet Lab guidelines and information


  1. No food allowed.  No drinks allowed other than from a water bottle
  2. The desktops have been replaced with a Chromebook cart.
  3. There is no teacher computer, so you should bring your own Chromebook.
  4.  There is no open student login.  Students must log in the following way:username

    password  Zaq!2345

    Students will be directed to change their passwords after their first login.

    5.  Do not leave the class unsupervised

Recommendation and Notes

  1. Have your students use the same station each time, with changes only as you approve and record.
  2. Remember students will not be able to save to their H drives or school printers from this lab.  They will need to email documents to themselves, or copy them onto a flash drive.


  1. At the end of the period, please return the Chromebooks to the cart.
  2. You must count that all 30 are returned and charging before you leave.
  3. Have students push in their chairs.
  4. If there is a problem with one of the Chromebooks, email

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For the following dates, please book directly with Sarah Wethered


  • September 6 – Early Dismissal
  • September 15 – Early Dismissal
  • October 26 – Parent-Teacher Interviews


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