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The Library is looking for YOUR input to help shape our services, collection and space. You can win one of four $ 10 gift cards by taking 5 minutes to answer 9 questions about the quality of your Library experience – and help improve our Library. Enter your name at the end of the survey to enter the draw. Deadline for completing the survey is June 10.

Graphic Artist Steve Rolston – May 8 2013

“Which dsteve rolstono you prefer, DC or Marvel ?” Hmmm…….Mr. Rhead’s art class and Ms. Patterson’s English had a variety of questions for graphic artist Steve Rolston in the library today. An artist, Steve has worked in illustration, concept art, comics, videogames and graphic novels. Question: “Who was one of the most interesting writers you’ve worked with ?” Answer: “Brian K. Vaughn, in The Escapists.”  Steve gave us a great overview of the wide range of projects he’s worked on, and impressed us with authentic storyboards in various stages of production – from thumbnails (bigger than your thumb, still, he likes to work small), penciled drawings, to ink work. Thanks Steve – we love graphic novels and Manga (pronunced M-aahhhn- gaah – thanks Tay) here at NWSS Library !

Ivan E. Coyote – May 1

ivanIvan E. Coyote performed at NWSS Library for the finale of Global Issues Week. With six books published, Ivan is also a gifted storyteller, musician, and performer. The audience heard stories about Ivan’s childhood, her family, and her experiences as a traveling artist. We laughed, cried, and reflected on our own lives and how we treat and view others. Thanks Ivan for your thought-provoking and engaging performance.

4th Global Issues Week – 2013


project of heart tile 2Due to fabulous workshop facilitators and great audience participation, Global Issues Week has been an event to remember.  The week started off with REEL Canada Film Festival.  Facilitators, Sue Biely and John Bolton introduced us to two great documentaries, The World Without Her and Mohawk Girls.  These two films took our audience 480 students into the lives of girls as they struggled to find their identity amidst multiple and often contradictory social, family, and spiritual allegiances.  Bertha Lansdowne and two local Elders, Se’qwa:ye’nte’n and Qu:kwa’,  expressed the consequences of Residential Schools, including the death of children in these schools and the inter-generational trauma that remains in the hearts of  First Nations peoples.  The event culminated in students’ participation in Project of Heart, tiles painted by  students as gestures of reconciliation towards the horrors of Residential Schools.  Amy Candido, a facilitator from Kelty Mental Health,  gave an account of her personal struggle with disordered eating.  For there, she helped students deconstruct cultural body images and closely defined examples of disordered eating.  She left us with strategies by which to strengthen our self esteem, including “loving ourselves, loving our bodies” wrist bands.  Vancouver’s 2012 Slam Poet Champion, Zaccheus Jackson, led students through a riveting, hilarious, and bittersweet journey through his life.  Alex Buckman, a child survivor of the Holocaust told us how the Holocaust impacted his life and our responsibility as witnesses to always remember this tragic part of our history. Out In School brought three dynamic facilitators who showed us funny and poignant films that helped NWSS youth understand LGBTQ issues, homophobia and bullying.
out in schoolsDSCN0266zac jackson 2

NWSS Library awarded $16000

NWSS library was one of  12 recipients of 2013 Future Generation Tech Lab grants.  Andrea Farnell, from Future Shop, chose our library among hundreds of other worthy applicants.  The award presentation was attended by students, our school principal, and school superintendent.  Thanks Future Shop !future shop ceremony

Global Issues Week 2013

This is our fourth Global Issues Week !  This year, we have some great new speakers as well as some favourite presentations from last year.  REEL Canada is returning with some great documentaries, The World Before Her and Mohawk Girls.  We feel honoured that Holocaust Survivor Alex Buchman will be here again.

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Hyack Teen Read Award 2012-2013

The nominees for this year’s  HTRA are here. There’s a great selection of books ranging from comedy to non-fiction.  One of our selections, Something Fierce, was sparked by Carmen Aguirre’s visit to our library during last year’s Global Issues Week. If you are enjoy reading about social justice topics,you’ll have to read Something Fierce and Under the Moonlit Sky. Into Post-Apocalyptic Doomsday scenarios ? Then you’ll like The Compound and End of Days. Join the HRTA’s book club which meets in the library during lunch. Our first book is Losing Joe’s Place. Come out on Nov. 5, relive the laughs, and win great draw prizes !

NWSS Water Week & Youth4Tap

Join the effort to drink more tap water !  Youth4Tap gave fabulous presentations addressing the issues of  water quality and bottled water in Vancouver and around the world.  If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more, here are some great resources from our presenters.

1. Find tap water on the go using Metro Vancouver’s Tap Map App


2. Join a Facebook group: Metro Vancouver Youth4Action & Metro Vancouver Youth4Tap.

3. Churchill BC Green Games Video

Not So Fun Facts:

  • In BC alone, an estimated 3 million plastic bottles ended up in landfills.
  • It takes 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled water, and about 1/2 litre of oil.
  • Metro Vancouver’s tap water costs $0.0008 /litre.  A one litre bottle of water can cost as much as $1.75 / litre.