Living Report to the Community – 2016/17 NWSS Library Year-in-Review

This has been a transformative year at NWSS Library. There have been significant changes in the digital resources available and the physical layout. We are moving at a fast pace towards a Learning Commons. As always,  we strive to meet our goals of offering exciting opportunities for learning and discovery and serving the needs of all members of the school community. In line with our school growth plan of engagement , we asked ourselves, “how can the NWSS Library enhance student learning such that students comes to the library not because they “have to”, but rather because the library  inspires a personal investment in learning and a sense belonging ?

Ribbet collage year end library report 2017



We have updated our print collections to better serve the needs of independent readers. We have “genrefied” fiction and added the  category of “popular non-fiction.” This has made it easier to browse the collection according to interest and for us to visually inspect which areas have the most circulation and adjust our purchasing decisions based on student interests.

Ribbet collage physical transformation 2017Open Spaces.

We removed static desktop computers and replaced them with a cart of wi-fi enabled Chromebooks. New open spaces can be used for a photography studio, student groupings  or setting up student displays.

Technology in Learning

New equipment:  Digital camera, lighting, microphone, a green / grey screen , two 3 D printers, a cart of Chromebooks, arduinos, micro:bits, Spheros and more.

Virtual Library – Audiobooks

We’re trying to change attitudes in how we access books. We expanded our Virtual Learning Commons to include Overdrive Audiobooks. Audiobooks are a direct response to our September Student Needs Survey and also a way to enhance teachers’ professional learning by adding educational non-fiction to the audio collection.

Learning together with the community

1000+ students attended a week-long series of seminars about the politics, science, and economics of climate change during Climate Justice Week. We invited activists, scientists, and CEOs to our library who encouraged individual and collective actions towards a sustainable world. Also, thanks to Raz Chan, Mental Toughness Coach and author, Eilleen Cook, who volunteered their time to mentor our students.

Ribbet collage climate justice week


Ribbet collage library report 2017


Many classes learned sewing, coding, circuits, microcontrollers, and 3D printing. The resources came from many benefactors like the District Innovation grant, Fuel for Schools and the Micro:Bit Foundation. We also had our first Maker Fair which celebrated the innovations and inventions of our students and community.

Ribbet collage year end report


As always, we love opportunities to collaborate with teachers. We each participated in Innovation Grants. Ms Jones worked with Mr Tyler and Ms Crosby on Digital Makerspaces. Ms Wethered inquired into First Nations and Social Justice graphic novels with Ms. Sacco and Ms Patterson. The District facilitators were also frequent visitors and we aimed to strike a balance between working with individual classes and having large multi grade events so everyone could come to the library at least once.

Ribbet collage library report 2017
Hyack Teen Read Award

This is our 7th year co-sponsoring the Hyack Teen Read awards with the NWPL. This year’s winning novel was Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova.

We have strived to support and celebrate the learning of our students and teachers in as many ways possible. We are proud of our stories  of learning and look forward to more discovery and creating next year

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