Climate Justice Week 2017

The NWSS Library hosted Climate Justice Week on May 1-5. The week-long event showcased the science, the economics, and the social impact of global warming. There were 12  guests speakers and presentations with over 1000 students attending.

BROKE (Burnaby Residents Opposed to Kinder Morgan Expansion) opened the week detailing the environmental consequences of the KM expansion.

Entrepreneurs can be green and successful –  this was the message from Jerry Kroll, CEO of Electra Meccanica  and Erik Olofsson, owner of Olofsson Construction, a company that builds energy-efficient Passive Homes.

Youth have always been agents of social change.  Geoff Dembicki, lead sustainability writer for The Tyee, guided us through stories from his upcoming book, Are We Screwed:How a new generation is fighting to survive climate change.  Climate Justice through action by youth – this is the mission of Be The Change Earth Alliance. This non-profit organization has developed more than 40 classroom-ready lessons based on the principles of climate justice and concrete actions youth can take.

Climate Justice is an ethical issue. This idea was was introduced by Sheri Lucas, Phd candidate in Philosophy. Sheri Lucas, in collaboration with molecular biologist, Dr David Steele invited students to join the growing movement towards a plant-based diet. See their organization Earthsave Canada for compelling arguments and delicious recipes.

Global issues of migration and conflict were echoed by Padang Relief Society who  collected $300 from our students to relieve the famine in South Sudan. New Westminster  Sanctuary Schools policy was explained to us in its mission to  ensure access to school for children with precarious immigration status.


The politics, economics, and social impact of climate change where discussed by two candidates running for MLA in the the riding of New Westminster. Judy D’Arcy, campaigning for the NDP and Jonina Campbell, candidate for the Green Party,  encouraged students to exercise their democracy muscles by casting their ballots the following week in the Student Vote.  NWSS alum, Peter Julian, MP, gave a Canadian perspective on Climate Justice – social justice and environmental sustainability for all.

Thank you to everyone who attended Climate Justice Week and we look forward to seeing you in the Library soon  – Save the date for the first NWSS Library Maker Fair May 30 at lunch !

Ribbet collage climate justice week

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